Custom Electrical and Electromechanical Assemblies

CSI Technologies,Inc. has been making electrical and electro-mechanical assemblies with or without the capacitors which we produce. We have broad experience managing a product from concept to high volume production. CSI produces custom low-volume quantities or large orders, and delivers on time .

The engineering and quality teams at CSI manage assembly project specific requirements and inspections to ensure all compliance and documentation records are maintained.


CSI Technologies have wide range of services available in high voltage capacitor manufacturing, low and high voltage Electrical and electromechanical assemblies, Cable and Harness assemblies,testing equipment manufacturing ,testing services and technical consultation.

Design support-

CSI assist with concepts, manufacturing costs, manufacturing techniques and material considerations. We are also able to assist in upgrading, redesigning, re-evaluating or modernizing existing products to increase performance and/or reduce manufacturing costs.


We have long-standing domestic and international relationships with suppliers for more cost effective material sourcing. Low volume production and Prototyping- We have capabilities for rapid prototyping and small-run assembly for testing prior to bulk production.

Large volume production-

We have experienced staff, and ample production capability to handle high volume production runs.

System and subsystem assembly-

We provide subsystem assembly or smaller subsets of an overall complete assembly. This includes board interconnections, wiring, power supply , actuators, inductors,switches etc. We also provide full system assembly including enclosures, panels, racks, test fixture etc.

Engineering, Testing and Evaluation-

We provide quality/testing documentation and/or testing services for wide ranges of components/parts. Quality assurance or test processes are put in place to ensure the quality of all assemblies.